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What a wedding photographer does on the day

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

You just take the pictures, right? I wish it was that simple!

wedding couple posed at venue

On the wedding day, it's amazing how quickly time will fly by. Often, couples don't have a wedding coordinator with them for the entire day so you'll find that I'll have one eye on the watch to be able ensure the day is running as close to schedule as it can (things always happen, so don't panic when the time suddenly has vanished!).

Weddings, also contain a lot of firsts, which people don't even consider, I've found myself helping out the groom with putting on ties, cufflinks and the dreaded button hole.. thats a surprisingly difficult task the first time. With the brides, I'll be organising all the details (earrings, shoes, perfume, etc) so there's no panicking over lost shoes, I can't help with putting on the dress.. but I can prompt you on the best time to start getting into it!

At the start of the ceremony, I'll be up front keeping the groom nice and relaxed (dad jokes keep things light.. and I tend to be more relaxed than the best man that is sweating over the rings now). My job from when you arrive is now to purely document the wedding and move more into the candid shots, this is also where I'll be looking to capture all the happy/teary faces of your guests that you won't be able to see when you're centre stage.

detail shot of guests at wedding venue

Post ceremony we will move outside for the confetti shots.. you'd never believe how difficult it is for people to stand in a line and throw petals in the air! Whilst I am organising this, we would smuggle you off somewhere so you can spend your first few moments together alone as husband and wife!

Now we move into the military operation that is the group shots! I'd have a pre arranged list you have sent me which I will work through (usually the loudest bridesmaid is in charge of calling the next groups to keep the speed up).

Once we are through the group shots, everyone will have a bit of time spent together during which I'll be capturing candid moments. After this, I'll sneak you away for your couples shoot, this is where we get to have fun and begin to finally relax before moving into the evenings party. I'll guide you through all of the best poses to make you look as amazing as you are. Throughout the day, I've been planning the locations for the couples shoots as I'm working my way through the venue, this again makes the shoot a lot smoother, as we will seamlessly move between shots meaning you get more pictures AND more time with your guests.

During the meal, I'll be off with my laptop backing up all of your images to make sure that they are safe in multiple places, this ensures peace of mind for me knowing that I've taken as many steps to protect your images as possible. Speaking of security.. I've been used as a body guard/Crowd control before when Great Auntie Jean wants to tell you all about her last 5 years at knitting club.. feel free to give me a signal to "call you away for a photoshoot".

couples shoot at greenwoods spa in essex

Finally, before the party really begins, I'll help you through the cake cutting process (apparently.. cutting cake isn't as straight forward as it seems either!), then get you in the right place for the perfect first dance. The last part of the day is capturing all the joy of the evening dances so you will see me literally running around the dance floor capturing every person throwing their best shapes!

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