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3 Reasons why you need an engagement shoot.

Couples shoot on the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Couples shoot on the Amalfi Coast

I often get asked what is the point of having an engagement shoot, we are already engaged AND I hate being in front of the camera, well in fact these are actually two of the great reasons why you need one! In this blog post I'll outline the 3 reasons I believe it is absolutely crucial to have a couples shoot and the reason why I include them as standard with all of my collections. To illustrate how awesome couples shoots can be, I've included some images from one of my couples who got married last September on The Amalfi Coast in Italy.

young couples engagement shoot Amalfi coast

1. You get used to being in front of the camera.

"I hate being in front of a camera".. the eight words I hear the most and I totally understand it. For the majority of my couples, the wedding day is the first time they've had a professional photographer follow them around for any length of time. By having a couples shoot in advance of the day, you've already got rid of some of them nerves.. the last thing you want on your wedding day is additional pressure, when we meet again on your big day, it will be like seeing a friend rather than some guy with a camera. The couples shoots are always really fun, normally spending around 20-40 minutes wandering around, finding nice locations and taking pictures. This gives you the perfect chance to understand how things will go on your wedding day as the couples shoot at your wedding will be the same experience.

young couples engagement shoot Amalfi coast

2. You get to have fun away from the stress of wedding planning.

Let's face it, planning a wedding is really stressful, during the planning stages couples don't often get the chance to have as much fun doing things together, so why not make the most of this "unplugged" time away from the world and focused in on each other. To really celebrate this experience, I always advise couples to wear their favourite clothes or dress up fancy (go out for a nice dinner after!). It also doesn't just have to be you, kids, pets and all things in between can come.

young couples engagement shoot Amalfi coast

3. Celebrate this special period of your life.

For most, they miss out on having the actual engagement shoot captured, the couples shoot gives us the opportunity to document the time between the engagement and wedding. Everybody tends to overlook how special the engagement period is. Before you are engaged, the Groom spends all his thoughts on planning the perfect engagement, after the Bride turns her attention to planning the perfect wedding. For some reason, everyone forgets just how nice this short period in the middle is, no longer are you boyfriend and girlfriend, not quite husband and wife.. you are Engaged.. so let's celebrate that!

young couples engagement shoot Amalfi coast

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