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IPAX awards

Unique Events Photography 

 I have received commissions from clients across multiple continents to cover events, I would love to be able to capture your occasion so that you can best showcase it to your clients. I use documentary style photography to enable that the images show a true account of the day, where required I also capture portraits of guests. Having a professional photographer at your event can elevate it to something more special. It gives you greater access to marketing material, enhances client experience and can add value to your suppliers by having their products showcased. Below are some of my recent projects.

Contact me 

 For more information about how I can provide you with my unique events photography. Please fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you as soon as is possible and I will inform you whether I have availability for your event. I usually need a minimum 6-8 weeks lead time on events to be able to allow you the best chance to have me at your event, but do sometimes have last minute cancelations.

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